Monday, December 23, 2013

Roanoke CSA Reunion

Bottom photographic studio label reads: Davis, Roanoke, VA

Ironically, I sit here blogging while drinking a red wine called "Rebel Red" from a Gettysburg, PA winery that someone gave to me as a gift. I live close to the famed battlefield that changed the course of the war 150 years ago. Gettysburg was filled with sesquicentennial celebrations this summer. Living close to the battlefield I attended quite a few of the events. One can only imagine the horrors these veterans saw during those years.

The 150th anniversary of the end of the war won't arrive until 2015.  They considered the Civil War to be the War of Northern Aggression. They fought, they survived, and here they stand in a country united next to the Stars and Stripes. If they could do this, our modern day political infighting would seem to be small stakes squabbles.

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