Sunday, September 4, 2011

Victorian Verna

I love photography, and particularly old photographs. This Victorian styled photograph was taken about 1910 in Roanoke, Virginia of my great grandmother, Verna Andrews Kohl.

Verna's mother died when she was just 13 years old and she moved to Roanoke from Amherst, Virginia to live with her aunt, Anna Laura Magann Hogan. She worked in a clothing retail store where she would meet her husband.

I love the puffed sleeves, the Victorian heart necklace, the chatelaine on her left shoulder and her divine hairstyle of the period. She looks sort of wistful but is very attractively posed on a bench of the period.

She would live the rest of her life (excepting her elder, more infirm years) in Roanoke, Virginia. A truly gentle woman who was a loving mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

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  1. I just love old photography. I have a few pictures of my own. I just wish I could figure out who they were.

    Regards, Jim
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